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Bridges International is a nation-wide organization that is represented on many college campuses in the U.S.  

The three main goals of Bridges are:

 -SERVE international students in any way we can

 -Be a SOCIAL NETWORK for international students to connect and build           friendships with students from other countries including the U.S.

 -Be a SPIRITUAL RESOURCE on campus.

Throughout the school year, we provide many opportunities to see these three things happen. Weekly gatherings, conferences and retreats, holiday events, social activities, Bible studies, dinners with host families are just a few of the things you can expect to find through Bridges International.

College is more than just a time to grow academically…we hope to help you grow in many other ways too! Many of us have found our inspiration for life from Jesus, but we welcome people from all nationalities, cultures, and faiths. In fact, we think diversity is our strength!

We hope you join us!

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